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This mod adds jars that let you add custom recipes with KubeJS or datapacks. Supports both item and fluid inputs and outputs. Tempered Jars can be connected with tubes to tanks, chests and other item/fluid handlers.. Relic Shader Grab Bag: Botania: Lexica Botania Black Lotus Mana in a Bottle Magnet Ring Vanilla Seeds Tiny Potato Wand of the Forest: Living Wood Living Rock Mana Spreader Mana Pool Black Lotus Petal Apothecary: Mana Steel Manasteel Helmet Manasteel Chestplate Manasteel Leggings Manasteel Boots Endoflame Clayconia Agricarnaton Hopperhock Mana .... I would not come herewith younger children or young teens. If you can ignore it, the beach is gorgeous & there are so many fun things to do & great places to eat. With Ocean Drive closed, there is no graceful way.
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